All clients are required to register at their first visit of each year. We will need the following information when you come to the food pantry on your first visit.

  1. Some form of proof of residency within the River Valley School District, this can be a Driver's License, State ID, or a recent electric or heat bill that has the address on it showing residency within the school district.
  2. Also needed is the number of people in your family household.
  3. Income information for the household.

Community Food Pantry of Spring Green

Other items to bring monthly

  • Reusable fabric grocery bags to have us use to pack your groceries, plastic grocery store bags - donations of these plastic grocery bags are always welcome providing they are not soiled or torn.
  • Empty Egg Cartons - we are able to purchase eggs for the pantry at a substantial cost savings if we supply the egg cartons!